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Oscars Red Carpet to Your Wedding Day

What you can learn from the Oscars '15 red carpet & how to style yourself on your wedding day!
*Pay attention grooms there are a couple of tricks for you & also for you mothers of the bride. :)
 The Academy Awards is one of the most prestigious awards an artist in the film industry can receive. In my years living in LA, award season is one of my favorite times of the year. From my past experience as a style assistant, I know the hard work that goes behind these red carpet looks.  Since it's one of the most important moments an actor will be recognized in film history,  the red carpet attire one wears that night can become iconic in both film & pop culture.  If you were to think of old Hollywood icons like, Audrey Hepburn (won best actress in 1953 for Roman Holiday), you think of her classic up-do with bangs and her fitted waist line silhouette dress that still 'till this day is a stylish iconic look. Marie Claire has a wonderful article about the best Oscar dresses of all time up to 2012.
            Or in the recent past Julia Roberts in her famous Valentino Black & White V-neck strap dress. 
Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Dress Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Dress Dior

Or most recently Jennifer Lawrence in Dior the beautiful pastel pink mermaid dress   (she didn't even let a little slip, take away from that majestic look she had on the red carpet).
 What you can take away from looking at the different gorgeous & elegant looks at this year's Oscars red carpet is a style formula you can follow for your own wedding day look. Besides, your wedding day is like your "red carpet" moment and years from now you want to look back at the most beautiful, glamorous version of yourself at that time & moment in your life. And perhaps your great- grand kids will look back at your wedding day photos and think "wow great-grandma was stylish!"  :)
So let's break it down and see what we can learn from both the actresses & actors attire looks as they walk down the red carpet and what elements you can follow to achieve a well-styled, classy look as you walk down the wedding aisle.
Emma Stone Oscar 2015 DressEmma Stone 2015 Oscar Dress
Photograph: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
First look is my favorite of the evening. Emma Stone wearing a shimmering yellow couture dress by Elie Saab.  
Why does it work: The styling trick here is all about working with your natural features and playing a balancing act.  The reason why a yellow (which is not the first color one would think to choose) works for Emma is because a talented stylist carefully thought about the color tones from Emma's gorgeous red hair and made sure those tones complimented each other, creating a overall glowing look for Emma.  The embroidered yellow dress has shimmer details in a tasteful amount. The transparent long arm sleeves, high leg slit and deep back is just enough to give a subtle sexiness to the look while keeping it elegant.  The outfit is accessorized with plain satin shoes to contrast the shimmer fabric and the silver jewelry to contract the yellow tones. Lastly, Emma's hair is a side swept up-do, which gradually leads the eyes from her gorgeous face down to her dress.  These same tricks can be followed for your wedding day look.  Think balancing act & contrast.  Pull color tones from your hair or eye color for accessories & accent pieces that will compliment your natural features & your dress.   
Cate Blanchett Tiffany & Co. Necklace 
Photograph: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
Statement Piece is all you need...
Why does it work:  This is predictably Cate Blanchett, from the most expensive dress on the red carpet to a simple black dress, Cate proves that sometimes less is more and she pulled the look off amazingly so.  The trick here is simplicity and the focal point being that Tiffany & Co. necklace.  This trick is great for a bride whose style is more on the "less is more" side and who has a high neck-line dress (like Cate’s). You can always find that one "statement piece" to just complete your whole look. Make sure the necklace does not fall too low or too high, you want it around your collar bone height for this look.  Want it to be a bit more special? If you have a very special necklace past down from a relative you can make it one of a kind by adding to the necklace.You can find elements like crystals & pearls and pull color tones that compliment your eye/hair color to make the necklace more of a unique statement piece.
Keira Knightley Oscar Dress 2015 Pregnant
Photograph: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
Rockin' a Baby Bump 
Why does it work:  For us modern day brides, sometimes life's stages can be a great surprise.  So if you are walking down the aisle and rocking your baby bump you can learn a lot from Keira Knightly’s Valentino dress and how to pull off her glowing, whimsical red carpet look last night.  The silhouette trick here is the empire waist, cut of the skirt, and the tulle fabric.  By choosing an empire waist for your dress, there is plenty of baby bump room. You also want to play around with either a lightweight airy fabric (tulle, chiffon) or a carefully flattering cut of the skirt (a pleated a-line).  Keira's look is nicely well balance because she has a wide neckline complimenting the fullness of her skirt followed by her hair down with beautiful waves and a hair accessory to finish the look. This formula is perfect for brides that will be rocking a baby bump.
Jared Leto Oscars 2015 Lilac Suit
Eddie Redmayne Oscar 2015 
Photographs: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
Guys pay attention too!
Why does it work: Jared Leto's Givenchy lilac tuxedo is just awesome! By complimenting his grungy hair and beard with a clean lilac suit (color tones from his eyes) and a subtle floral pink brooch, he actually looks like a sharp stud. Its a fine line to play with but when achieve correctly your man can get this look.  Sometimes pairing the ultra grungy hair & bearded guy in something a bit more dapper can actually make a man even seem more masculine...It's like the whole pink shirt formula, a grungy chic sort of thing.  
Speaking of dapper, for a classic tuxedo look, Eddie Redmayne does Alexander McQueen perfectly. Keeping it classy will always work for any groom. It's plain & simple and it will make you look sharp & timeless.  Some rules to remember:  have your suit tailored - that will give it the ultra polished look, black bow tie or black neck-tie and lastly to finish the look rock your best wristwatch. ; ) 
Oscars 2015 Red CarpetRed Carpet 2015 Oscars Best DressPhotograph: Jason Merritt/ Getty Image                                              
     2 looks in one night! 
Why does it work:  E-host, Giuliana Rancic was a lucky gal last night as she worked the red carpet with 2 dresses. Her first look was a Steven Khalil’s white-cream dress (totally can be a bridal dress) and her second look was Mireille Dagher a seductive sheer panel & floral 3-d lace motif red dress ...Sometimes having two looks for your wedding day can bring some freshness from the long day through to the evening.  Giuliana's first look was a stunning elegant dress with a chic up do hairstyle...later that evening she wore her hair down, brighten her lipstick and worn a sultry red dress with amazing 3-d floral lace appliqués accenting the dress in all the right places.  You can learn two tricks from Giuliana's looks, one being that sometimes having 2 different looks in one day can freshen up your wedding day. And the other is that if you choose to go with 3-D lace you want the lace pattern story to make the eye line follow the dress silhouette from head to toe naturally - not overwhemingly.  Checkout my 2:1 dresses in S/S '15 collection for more inspirations. 
 Anna Wintour Oscar 2015 Red CarpetMeryl Streep Oscars 2015 Red Carpet
Photograph: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images                           
Sophistication & Grace Glam up your everyday look.
Why does this work: This just comes naturally to Anna Wintour, it's second nature to her.  Her iconic hair, her consistent look always is chic and never dated and that's her everyday look. The angle here is taking your chic everyday look and dressing it up a notch for the occasion.  Anna wore a pastel pink gown and paired it with a fur capelet and pendant.  What makes her look chicly red carpet is she took glamorous elements (the chic fur, pendant) and simplified it with an in vogue color for a complete regal look.  If you want your everyday look, but slightly more to the occasion, take 1 to 2 "glamorous" elements and pair it with a chic, simple gown. Slightly amp up your hair & makeup. Voila ~ tres chic!
 Meryl Streep wears a sophisticated blazer, skirt set with a flattering v-neck white shell blouse and a black belt. There was a  nice hint of goddess factor to her look because of that long side slit on her skirt.  If you have been to the Oscars and won as many times as Meryl has, you would want to replicate her look last night; the ultimate grace & sophistication style.  This nice blazer, skirt set can be great inspiration for a mother of the bride. 
 As a bridal designer based in Lincoln, UK who works directly with clients, I believe you don't have to go as far as LA to achieve a "best dressed"  red carpet look for your wedding day.  As a designer and previous style assistant to a well know celebrity stylist, I work with each client's bridal attire needs. With my cliental base , I take the time to assist each bride in both deciding on a dress & styling your overall look. From a perfect tailored to fit wedding dress, to styling accessories, to a couture bespoke dress, in my Lincoln Bridal showroom, I have one on one session where I work with my clients to achieve their authentic style assemble for their wedding day. I am here to help you achieve your perfect look. All while giving you VIP treatment. Learn more about my tailored appointments here.
Not local to Lincoln, feel free to shop online and still get superb VIP treatment. 
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