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Azul Marble Earrings & Hair Clip Set

Azul Marble Earrings & Hair Clip Set

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Hand painted marble. Glimmering blue and white swirling tones and iridescent golden flakes. Azul the colour of serenity, trust, righteousness mixed with the magical and illuminating colour of gold. People can't help but look at you when you wear these gorgeous statement earrings. Command the world like it's your stage and you are the goddess.  

Comes with a matching hair clip and a set of three complementary fashion illustration greeting note cards and a signature velvet Sheena Solis pouch. Perfect for a gift or to treat yourself this season! 
Each set will come with its own unique variation, imperfection and look. Making each order one of a kind. 

Material: Hammered brass stud with sterling silver backings. Handmade and handpainted blue wood, resin and gold leaf. 

Care Instructions: To care for your statement pieces, avoid exposure to heavy amounts of water ( not for swimming pool use) perfumes, oils and household chemicals. Resin and wood are strong and durable material but should be treated with care. To keep your jewellery in good condition, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth.  Due to the nature of statement pieces and wearable art, it is advised to take off earrings and jewellery before bed or as soon as your event or outing is finished or you have returned home and place them in your jewellery box or the velvet pouch provided.